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Great acts are made up of small deeds. 

~ Lao Tzu

Living with intention brings clarity and purpose to even the smallest of decisions. While deciding what to eat each day seems like it is so insignificant it does not matter, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is every choice we make either is purpose-filled or it is most likely detracting from our purpose.

What we choose to fuel our bodies does matter. Food is one of the pillars of health. Eating in a way that is consistent with our values and goals can actually have a major impact on how we bring intention to our lives. In fact each and every small decision can be viewed as a “warm-up” or practice session for the life changing decisions that we will eventually face. Being intentional about small things helps to build the muscle of living authentically.

For me, shifts in my diet seem to be part and parcel of major life changes, even if I am unaware of it at first. Somehow, my body knows that it also needs to prepare for integrating new understanding of myself and the world. 

On this site, there are our best ideas and recipes to help you navigate your own relationship with food.

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